IP-Wahl-O-Meter (Beta)

The IP-Wahl-O-Meter is aimed at start-up teams at universities and non-university research institutions who want to equip their spin-off created at the scientific institution with intellectual property (IP) and are at the very beginning of the negotiation process with the technology transfer organisation or patent management of their alma mater.

IP transfer - why & for whom??

Have you invented something or developed software as an employee at a university or researchinstitution? Then it is often the case that the rights to this IP belong to the employer (researchinstitution). If you then want to set up a company and need the IP to realise your business model, therights to this IP must be purchased from the academic institution. In practice, there is a wide variety ofconditions for this. The most common overarching models for granting rights (=IP exploitation models) are compared in this Wahl-O-Meter.

Happy testing!

This beta version of the IP-Wahl-O-Meter was developed by Christoph Heynen, Deputy Head of S-Outreach and Head of the AG Gründungsberatung & Entrepreneurship at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, as well as with input and feedback from the IP-Transfer 3.0 pilot group and from founding teams.

If you have any questions or feedback on the IP-Wahl-O-Meter, please contact us at ip-transfer@stifterverband.de

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