Processing of personal data by means of SoSci Survey

If you process personal data, GDPR and national laws require you to comply with a number of requirements.

Important: Please provide complete and correct information, clarify the matter in case of doubt with your data protection officer, if available. Incorrect information can lead to sensitive fines.

Important: Only our Pro-Server meets the requirements to collect personal data in the questionnaire. A prepaid license is required to use this server.

Important: The form can only be filled out if you already have a customer number. When purchasing a user license, you will automatically receive a customer number.

At present, we do not charge additional fees for the DPA, the associated organisational expenses, and the additional costs for legal advice and data protection officers. However, we reserve the right to charge a fee for future DPAs.

We will send you a copy of your data together with the DPA, which you may archive in your directory of data processing.