Loss of smell and taste related to infections of the upper respiratory tract 

To learn more about olfactory disorders after upper respiratory tract infections, e.g. after a flu-like infection or also after infections in connection with the Corona pandemic and COVID-19, we ask you to fill in this questionnaire (duration approx. 8 min). Even if you have not had an infection, you can still participate in our survey. At the end of the survey, a short self-test is also included to test your sense of smell.

This survey is conducted anonymously. We do not store any personal data and can therefore not trace your answers back to you personally. You can use the survey at any time. And you can skip some questions by clicking on the button “continue”. Some questions are very important to us, these must be filled in. By participating in this survey you have no personal benefit. The survey serves purely scientific purposes. You will not suffer any disadvantages by participating or not participating. This survey has been advised by the Ethics Committee at the TU Dresden under the code BO-EK-128032020 . If you have any questions, please contact julia.draf@ukdd.de or thummel@msx.tu-dresden.de.

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